Welcome fashionistas! At this page, you would be able to find answers by reviewing the most frequently asked question below. We are hoping that it will help you a lot in knowing more about us, our services and product lines that we are promoting.

Q. Who is Osman Yousefzada?
A. Osman Yousefzada is a man living in Tulsa where he grew and study to become a professional designer. His creations are available wherever there is an Osman Yousefzada’s boutique or here on the website.

Q. How to order online?
A. Simply browse through our gallery then click the item you love and choose to ‘add cart’. You have to review your items before checking out your purchases to prevent any mishaps and double quantity of products.

Q. What will I do if I found a delivery problem to my order like damages, missing products, or double quantity?
A. With us, we ensure that all the process is done with a thorough inspection. We consider such matter very seriously and we look into individual cases thoroughly and immediately. If we found out that we are the one who is responsible for that missing or damaged products, then we will perform an appropriate action on that. Only we do not allow the refunds.

Q. How can I track my orders?
A. You can’t unless you are joined with our newsletter. Joining in our newsletter can benefit you a lot. Tracking your order is one that you will enjoy once you are registered.

Q. How can I cancel my payment?
A. It is easy to cancel your payment. Just simply go to your cart and click the cancel button. Please note that we will not refund any cancelled transactions that are already shipped.

Q. What does this site actually do?
A. We do blogging and we sell all the clothing creations of Osman Yousefzada.